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I have over a decade of experience in creating physical and digital products that are both impactful and accessible.


More recently, I have built and led the Zapworks design team, overseeing UX, UI design, and brand consistency work on all five Zappar brands and XR creative tools.

I have a strong background in product design, user research, and agile and lean methodologies.


I designed an AR content creation tool that is now used by top brands to create immersive experiences.


In addition, I have contributed to the development of an app and CMS that aids the visually impaired in locating and accessing product information on packaging.

Beyond design, I am passionate about mentoring, the team’s work and progress, and driving product strategy with a focus on user experience.


I am driven by innovation, collaboration, and human-centred design principles.

My skillset


Strategic Leadership

I motivate teams with a compelling vision and cultivate human-centered design cultures aligned with business objectives.


Design Systems

I establish and maintain design systems to ensure consistency, quality, and efficiency across products and platforms.


Cross-Functional Collaboration

I work collaboratively with diverse teams to balance user needs and business objectives.


Team Development

I build highly skilled teams by carefully identifying their needs, promoting their professional growth, and providing them with the necessary mentorship.


End-to-End Execution

I use research-driven strategies, agile ideation, seamless UI design, prototyping, user testing, and continuous iteration throughout the design process.


Continuous Learning

I continuously improve my skills by learning new methodologies, tools, and design trends to remain agile and push boundaries.


"We’ve had the great pleasure of having Joe with us at Zappar for almost five years. In that time he helped us totally reinvent our approach to design across the business and our suite of products. Joe helped build and mentor a team that not only increased the coherence and quality of our output but increased our cadence of updates responding to and learning from user feedback in lockstep with our engineering, CX team, marketing and other key stakeholders. Joe brings a breadth of experience and thoughtfulness to the process which really raised the bar for us at Zappar. At a time when the rules of XR are still being written, there are few with his level of understanding and proven track record. I’d recommend his insight and real-world execution to anyone."

Caspar Thykier
Co-Founder & CEO at Zappar

And A personal mood board

Because why not?

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