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Hello there!
I'm a UX Designer
living in London

Visual Communication & User Experience Design

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Bean – FinTech


FinTech web app / UX Design

Actionable insights for recurring payments

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 14.09.04.png

Designer Maker User

2017 – General Assembly / LDN


Mobile app / UX Design

Enhancing engagement with the permanent design exhibition

Doorbell App

2017 – General Assembly / LDN


Mobile app / UX Design

Promoting easy access to all its users



Other projects

The Sunshine Store
E-commerce website
UX Design
Star Globe
A map of the stars
Product Design
Scratch Map – Oceans
A transparent world map
Product Design
Hologram Viewer
Projector & app
Product / UX Design
Sratch Map – Deluxe
A personalised world map
Product Design
Smartphone Projector
DIY cardboard projector
Product Design
About me
Joe Brazao UX.jpeg

Joe who?

I'm a constantly curious human inspired by innovation and design.


I create informed design solutions through the methodical analysis of user needs and behaviours to ensure usable outcomes. In other words, I’m a UX Designer.
I’ve built a career in delivering high-quality designs that focus on the user and customer needs, resulting in successful products that reach global audiences.


My methods are highly collaborative and focused on failing fast and learning quickly. I’m interested in behavioural science, sociology and psychology and I’m an advocate of using motion, sound, colour and typography to create accessible experiences for all different users.

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